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Quite a few of them simply don't have enough people on their books, so they just send you a list of names, keep their fingers crossed and hope that you hit it off with whichever Tom, Dick or Harry they put you in contact with. I dearly hope that this will be the answer to my problems.I'm desperately sick of the singles scene and all I'm looking for is some good conversation and a bit of romance.When I met another date, I thought I'd been set up by Jeremy Beadle.He was about 23 stone, bright red in the face and he absolutely reeked, he whistled when he talked. After 15 minutes I pretended my children were ill and left.I'm very much a stay-at-home type and after my first marriage broke up after 17 years, I found myself very, very lonely: not just when we split up, but for several years afterwards.I'd had bad luck with men, and I was on the verge of giving up on ever meeting someone who would love and respect me and make me feel wanted.

Dating agencies aren't cheap - a couple of hundred pounds is a lot of money to me - and I've joined three so far.

There's still a stigma about women going out into bars or restaurants, and I'm not the sort of person who could book a table for one and sit in a corner. I'd rather not go out at all if that's all I could manage socially. That's when my friend suggested I try a dating agency. I was given six names and the last of the six turned out to be my future husband, Colin. I call it fate, but yes, there is an element of chance there.

I remember Valentine's Day when I was 37: I'd just moved into a new house, bought brand new furniture, and should have felt happy. I called him on the Monday, met him on the Friday, and two weeks later we were engaged! But even if I hadn't met Colin, a dating agency would have been well worth the money for me.

Had I not met Colin, I'd still have had the opportunity to go and meet some nice, characters, have a meal, gone to a show, and formed some platonic friendships along the way.

I would never have had the chance to do anything like that if I hadn't joined a dating club.

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