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He and his people, he gave me to understand were Berbers, or rather “To attempt to explain our science to you”, he said, smiling, “would be rather like trying to explain the differential calculus to a child who is ignorant of simple addition.However, I am satisfied that you have a mind unclouded by the average European’s prejudices and preconceptions, so, if you will, I will take you as a pupil and teach you the simple addition of our lore.He was a man of striking appearance, well over six feet in height, slight of figure, with wavy, snow-white hair, olive complexion and features which, with the exception of the cheek bones which were rather prominent, were almost pure Greek in type.Among the Zulus, he bore the reputation of being a supernatural being.. He speaks English and other European languages perfectly, but his talks with me were conducted in the secret Bantu tongue, which to the ordinary Native has been dead for ages, and of the continued existence of which few Europeans are aware.I never again encountered my teacher, nor for some considerable time afterwards did I ever receive a communication from him.With another of his fellows, however, whom I met at that period, I have several times been in contact, and have received from him communications at infrequent, though regular intervals., during that year, is not very large, and I am so far from clear concerning its exact significance that I shall make no attempt at explaining it.

The “whirlpool” on the surface represents the birth of the Soul.Again and again-does the soul travel through the body, through the Place of Beasts, to its rest, dreams its dream and returns to the body; till at last the Man becomes true Man, and his soul when he dies goes straight to its rest, and thence, after a space, having ceased to dream of earth, moves on and becomes one with that from which it came—the This is what we teach, I say, for this is the utmost the Common Man is capable of comprehending; indeed many have only a vague comprehension, even of this much.But the belief of us, Wiser Ones, is something far wider and greater, though similar.He gave me invaluable aid in the work upon which I was engaged, and that, eventually, I completed it successfully was largely owing to him.As regards himself, he remained for a time rather reserved, however.

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