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If a guest can spend 0/night for a hotel room, that guest’s credit card is probably good for 00 or ,000 or even more in fraudulent charges. Hotels, security experts said, frequently have lax security and that is another reason professional hacker organizations appear to be targeting them.Some large chains are believed to have invested in keeping credit card info secure – but many others are known to pinch pennies when it comes to non-visible features and back-office credit card security is about as invisible to guests as it gets.Guaranteed reservation is one that is paid in advance and the hotel is then required to have a room available when the consumer who made the reservation arrives and until checkout time on the following day.If the consumer cancels a confirmed reservation before on the arrival date, the hotel cannot charge a no-show fee.In April, a hotel management company named White Lodging – which runs hundreds of hotels in the US – acknowledged it had been breached.

There is a set of rules regulating the processing of credit card payments each time a lodging reservation is made or cancelled.Otherwise, a no-show charge equal to one night’s lodging can be assessed.The following procedures should be followed when processing credit card payments for guaranteed reservations: Everyone in your organization who works at the check-in or takes phone calls from customers should be able to follow these procedures.The short answer: No, you really cannot trust a hotel to keep your private information private.And no matter what, do not use debit card at a hotel, ever, at least not if it is a US issued card.

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