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Regular physical activity in later life is important for so many reasons – not only will your health improve, but you’ll also meet new people.

There’s something to suit everyone at Age UK’s wide range of exercise classes. Our classes and clubs focus on gentle exercise to help you to regain your fitness at your own pace.

Her 15-year-old sister was also taken into care earlier this year.The primary characteristic of a learning disability is a significant difference between a child’s achievement in some areas and his or her overall intelligence.Learning disabilities typically affect five general areas: Some of these symptoms may indicate dyslexia. Some of these symptoms may indicate attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The parent should contact the child’s school and arrange for testing and evaluation.By following the links on this page you will discover many interesting facts about learning disabilities as well as uncover some of the myths.You will also be provided with practical solutions to help children and adolescents with learning disabilities greatly improve their academic achievement as well as their self-esteem.

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