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This was supposed to be a Sunday post, but with the holidays it naturally ended up delayed. My mom and step dad had a little more work keeping the magic of Santa alive than other parents did…

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and here’s some holiday pictures for your viewing pleasure. not only were there cookies and milk to deal with, they also had to climb on the roof and gnaw on nine carrots and scatter around the alfalfa I left up there for the reindeer each year.

My brother and I stood there, open-mouthed, both of us paralyzed and silenced in shock as we waited to see if there was any movement from Mom. She stood up a little unsteadily, hair tangled and covered in dried Bermuda grass, dirt stains on her lower legs. And that is the story of the Christmas I probably screwed up our family’s chance at a ,000 Funniest Home Videos prize. The 2015 NFR enters it’s fifth day today, and I’ve been hitting Youtube each morning to check out the previous night’s barrel racing rounds. As of the fourth round, Lisa and Louie have taken a k lead and NFR newcomers Sarah Rose Mc Donald and Fame Fling N Bling (Bling) are hot on their trail.

Moral of the story, always turn on your video camera! Bling is quickly becoming one of my favorite horses to watch.

The bike roared even louder, climbed even higher, and Mom streamed out behind it, long brown hair knocked out of it’s bun and bright red Christmas nightgown waving like a banner.

She lost her grip on one handle, and the bike finally came down on two wheels, then turned in a shallow circle, dragging Mom along like a festive Christmas anchor.

One of the family’s absolute favorite Christmas memories was from 2004.

My brother and I watched in astonishment as – in a stunt that would have made both Clayton Moore and Steve Mc Queen proud – our mother wheelied across the front yard.We all wheeled it to the front yard, and mom handed me the video camera so I could film Orin’s first ride.Orin hopped on, but had trouble getting the kick start to work. Mom, ever a self-sufficient woman, announced, “ is how you do it! She gave a mighty kick and to everyone’s delight the bike suddenly roared to life.Or there was the year we didn’t have a car for a month or so, and my mom and I wheeled my little brother, Orin, in his stroller a couple miles to the local Dollar General and bought a little , four foot fake tree and wheeled it back home.I remember being so excited when I got the cassette tape of Le Ann Rimes “Blue” album under the tree that year.

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