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It is mainly these characteristics which distinguish Aramaic from Hebrew and from the other Semitic languages. (1) Exodus fragment; (2) Bar Kokhba letter; (3) Bet Mashko letter; (3a) Signatures of witnesses to no. 4; (5) Dura-europos fragment; (6, 7) Bet She'arim tomb inscriptions (1–4a from Wadi Murabba'āt, i.e., before 135 Aramaic has no niphʿal.

It remains however to be determined which language influenced which.

In biblical Aramaic, a few remnants of the internal passive of paʿal (qal) have survived.

Aramaic has the additional conjugation of hi/ʾitpәʿel which serves as a passive and a reflexive of paʿal.

While the common denominator of all these dialects is their effort to imitate Official Aramaic, they also contain elements of Late Aramaic. Late Aramaic may be divided into two dialectal groups: Western Aramaic – including Galilean Aramaic, Palestinian-Christian Aramaic, and Samaritan Aramaic; and Eastern Aramaic – consisting of three dialects: Syriac, the language of the Babylonian Talmud, and Mandaic. 1) The Aramaic parts of the Bible: Genesis (two words); Jeremiah ; Daniel 2:4–; and Ezra 4:8–6:8; and –26.

(2) Aramaic epigraphical material, spread over an area which extended north to Sardes in Asia Minor; south to the oasis Tēmā in the north of the Arabian Peninsula; southwest to southern Egypt (the Elephantine documents); and east to Persia (The Driver documents).

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Documents were found in the following regions: The inscriptions from the reigns of kings: ), which were all found in northern Syria, a very long inscription discovered in Sefīre, an Assyrian-Aramaic bilingual from Tell Fekherye, an inscription from Tell Dan, and two in Asia Minor.

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