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Layer II is characterized by smaller buildings with rectangular groundplans.

They sometimes also have pillars that are much smaller than the older ones however.

At Göbekli Tepe, we can differentiate two layers which are completely different in the type of architecture appearing in them.

Layer III, the lower and thus older layer, has the famous circular enclosures with the T-shaped pillars.

Careful selection and preparation of material by experienced Strata Data staff is key to the success of this technique.

They serve as ‘guiding fossils’ for dating (yes, early archaeologists borrowed this term from geology).molluscs, foraminifera, conodonts, fish teeth and calcareous algae) throughout the Phanerozoic.It is also possible to use whole rock samples (carbonates, dolomitised carbonates and evaporites) for analysis providing any diagenesis was early.This database includes all published and many unpublished Sr ratios which have first been subjected to a vetting procedure and weighted for stratigraphical, biostratigraphical and chemical accuracy.The figure below illustrates the Pliocene - Pleistocene global seawater Sr curve.

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