Dating for agnostics

You can take that premise as far as you wish, because its the religion of personal choice basically, you choose to have faith in the idea of a higher power(s) without a set of rules that have been dictated to you.^^^ Martain Luther actually broke away from the Catholic Church and began the reformation movement that began protestant doctrine.

He believed that people are saved by faith, and not by deeds.

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My favorite response to saying I was agnostic, many years ago, was when my grandmother said to me, "well how are you going to get anywhere in life THAT way?

" I enjoy debating and reading debates on religion, i think, out of a sick fascination.

In this quest just try to define what the reason is you are seeking these answers, and becarefull not to become complacent in your findings Agnostic is what I am and you are right to question what others believe. personally I'm a Dieist (but a former Agnostic)I was reading a book on the last 500 years of Western Civilization and the writer was talking about Dieism, how Martin Luther actually started the movement.

If I think about it I have probably always been a freethinker and freethinkers are natural-born investigators. The premise is simple, unlike Agnostics which have no decided either way, a Dieist believes in "God" or a Higher Power or something, but does not believe in Church or the Bible.

And, i enjoy pointing out inconsistencies and contradictions in religions.

people can beleive whatever they want, and all i am interested with is their opinion.i firmly believe that science is the answer to all of our questions..since science cannot at this time answer all of our questions, i look to religions to MAYBE fill in some of the holes.

i do not consider it factual without a certain level of truth, however. i use that term in order not to offend certain people reading this forum.

He gave people the choice of belief, instead of the yoke of belief.

That's all fine and dandy, but if you equate "****ing with people's heads" with trolling like the rest of us do, then you've got yourself a problem, Houston.

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