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He performed with groups such as Obeah, Axum, Caribbean All Stars and the Rastafarians.

After a brief stint in Los Angeles working on the Royal Princess Cruise ship in the 1980s, Elias appeared on a sound track for the television movie Elias now owns and operates Soph El Recordings, a music studio located in Oakland Hills, California that opened in September 2000.

“We have all the latest equipments to make any music project number one.” Regarding his childhood in Ethiopia Elias said: “I was born in Addis Ababa and grew up in a very big house in ‘Riche’ on the road to Debre Zeit. “Living in upstate New York for almost two years at a young age was a very cold experience,” he said.

“My brother was living in Northern California at the time, and so he would tell me how the weather was so similar to our motherland.

De Vaughn’s story begins with music—his mother’s vinyl collection to be exact.

“I often work with fellow music producer Gordon Brislawn, who was i Tunes’ first call for 42 of i Tunes front-page exclusives,” he said. Joseph school was established I went to German School – Deutsche Schule – kindergarten in Addis Ababa for a year, then to Nativity Catholic Cathedral School for my first grade. Joseph school opened in 1960, I was transferred to second grade to persue my elementary and high school education.” After completing high school Elias moved to New York with his uncle who was a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.The five-piece group have played varying styles of music in the past, but currently we are focusing on a fusion of Jazz, Ethio- Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and other world music.These are the musicians I will be traveling with for years to come.For now, let me enjoy the last few days of my short term class on the HBO hit show “The Wire.” Commencement at Bates is almost here Congratulations on your acceptance to Bates College!I know many of you are still undecided on whether Bates is the right place for you.

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