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Sex, adultery, class divides, and naughty language sent not one, but three versions of D. She yearns for more than serving as nurse to her often grumpy (although understandably so) husband.Sir Clifford, however, doesn’t want to see his title end, and invites Connie to take a lover, in hopes of claiming an illegitimate child for his own.There is a double edge to this though in that Lawrence could have simply title the novel “Lady Chatterley, since she is clearly the protagonist of the novel, so even in an instance where there protagonist is female, the book’s title character is still a man, even if he is one defined by his relationship with a woman. I am of two minds on this book, but it is certainly one worth reading if you are a fan of D. Lawrence, or a fan of the writing which took place in England between the end of the Victorian era and the start of WWII. Coupled with that Lady Chatterley, whose given name is Constance, or Connie for short, is referred to as Connie and Constance throughout the novel, which takes the reader out of the narrative slightly since there is no consistency for the narrative voice.Lady Chatterley is not an overtly sympathetic person, nor an unsympathetic person.He has a wife with whom he has parted, and who tried to insert herself back into his life when he requests a divorce, but his character is still hard to make out. Not by a long chalk: Whilst the phrase “not by a long shot” is common, some believe it originated from ‘not by a long chalk’ (though some say the two arose independently of one another). Let me count the ways.” Spoiler alert: there are ten ways.

Her first lover, for example, dies at a very young age, yet the novel fails to explore her emotive response to this. About Rambler Jason John Horn is a writer and critic who recently completed his Master's in English Literature at the University of Windsor.

It certainly has its moments, and has an interesting class perspective and intriguing, though problematic, feminist overtones, but given its infamous reputation I found it was a little bit of a let down.

Words I thought I’d look up: Crocus: Spring flower.

As mentioned there is an interesting class-centered reading within the text, and obviously some feminist overtones as well, but the one thing that interested me most about the novel was its title.

We see in most fiction, especially fiction from before WWII, that women are spoken of and defined by their relationships with the men around them. They are property, or defined, not by their own personalities or accomplishments, but by their relationships with the men with whom they are related. Debt of honour: A debt that is morally but not legally binding.

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