27 year old woman dating a 40 year old man

Men are still programmed to sexually desire young women, but that desire isn’t bearing fruit due to contraception.

As a result, according to Fieldman, "it’s very possible that a new selective process will be take place", albeit one which may take hundreds if not thousands of years.

If we use our technology to separate that natural process, we can have lots of fun and sex without having the baby’.’ In other words, there’s a glitch in the system."Similarly, men who experience sexual desires for younger women when they are already married may choose to act or not to act on their desires.Older women too find younger guys sexually attractive.As Buss admits, in the modern environment, "these preferences may indeed lead to problems." Independent Psychologist Dr George Fieldman agrees: "As long as the most fecund women of the population are in their mid twenties we will always see this sexual attraction," Fieldman warns.‘[However] the sex drive evolved in a contraception free environment.

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In fact, Fieldman suggests that one day men may find women who have already had children hugely attractive because they show actual fertility – the ability to reproduce – rather than the potential fertility of the fecund twentysomething.

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