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In the Second Kandyan War, the British launched an invasion that met no resistance and reached the city on February 10, 1815.

The kingdom tolerated a Dutch presence on the coast of Sri Lanka, although attacks were occasionally launched.

One being the city was named after a brahmin with the name Senkanda who lived in a cave near by, and another being a queen of Vikramabahu III was named Senkanda, and after a coloured stone named Senkadagala.

The Kingdom of Kandy has also been known by various names.

The Dutch were initially successful in capturing the capital, which was deserted, and the Kandyans withdrew to the jungles once more, refusing to engage in open battle.

However, the Dutch were again worn down by constant attrition. The Dutch remained in control of the coastal areas until 1796, when Great Britain took them over (while the Netherlands under French control) due to the Kew letters during the Napoleonic wars.

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