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The data disclosures in 2015 revealed that this "permanent deletion" feature did not permanently delete anything, and all data was recoverable.Trish Mc Dermott, a consultant who helped found, accused Ashley Madison of being a "business built on the back of broken hearts, ruined marriages, and damaged families".Ashley Madison employs guerrilla marketing techniques to advertise its site.

By July 22, the first set of customer names were released by hackers, with all of the user data released on August 18, 2015.

Claiming that its security had always been weak, the hackers claimed to have stolen personal information about the site's user base, and threatened to release names, home addresses, search histories and credit card numbers if the site was not immediately shut down.

The demand was driven by the site's policy of not deleting users' personal information following their invoiced requests.

Compounding the problem is that "more men than women use the service, with the disparity increasing as they advance in age", and "Men seek sex, while women seek passion." A page on Ashley Madison, entitled "Is Ashley Madison a scam? " addressed some of these issues in an attempt to win over prospective customers and teach them best practices for using the site.

Ashley Madison had over 70,000 bots sending fake female messages to male users.

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In 2015, the Ontario Superior Court dismissed the case without costs, a result with which Avi Weisman, vice-president and general counsel for Avid Life Media, said the company was "very pleased".

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