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UNDO was founded in 1925 and dissolved during the Soviet annexation of western Ukraine in 1939.Throughout the interwar years, UNDO enjoyed both German and Soviet financial support in their struggle against Poland.Following a Polish pogrom against Jews in 1936, an UNDO leader published an article called "After the Jews Will Come Our Turn." Despite its rejection of violence and discrimination against Jews, UNDO also engaged in an economic struggle against them by supporting Ukrainian cooperatives through boycotting non-Ukrainian (and thus, often, Jewish) businesses.While rejecting Polish offers of cooperation against Jews, UNDO spokesmen also blamed Jews for spreading Communism in Ukrainian villages.After the motion's rejection, the Ukrainian parliamentarians appealed to the League of Nations, which reprimanded the Polish government.

I have a good sense of humor and consider myself a good mixer.. *The price is valid as of 1/01/2018 for a one-way flight, when purchasing a round-trip ticket. 505921 issued to UIA by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine on 06/27/2012. I am also realistic, hardworking, just, smart and dynamic.For example, UNDO's representatives in the Polish parliament joined their Jewish colleagues in voting against an attempt to limit kosher slaughtering.UNDO's support for the Jews was largely driven by the belief that actions against Jews would set a precedent for future discrimination against Ukrainians.

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