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LDS Living Staff - Steven Sharp Nelson, renowned cellist of the Piano Guys, released a special video for Valentine's Day this year.

The video opens with Nelson recounting the story of how he met his wife, Julie.

Here are a few famous Olympians who converted to the LDS Church.

Ambrose Gaines IV Ambrose Gaines IV, better known by his friends as "Rowdy," was one of the world’s fastest swimmers in the 1980s. " Here are a few more of our favorite Facebook comments from LDS Living readers who responded to our question: "What was your most awkward experience in the YSA ward?

If you have an Amazon Echo device, you can now teach it to play LDS hymns and Primary songs.

Use it for singing along in Family Home Evening, at bedtime, in Primary sharing time or singing time, or any other time you want to use hymns from the LDS Hymnbook or songs from the Church’s Children’s Songbook .

LDS Living Staff - Tis the season of celebrating true love—and the moments we cherished most with those we love.

Nelson shares a touching, heartfelt message of love and then introduces Julie as his guest artist for the remainder of the show. Wagner - During the Valentine's season, everyone's thoughts turn toward romance and love. Holland has explained how we should love others, not only on one day or during one month, but through every trial, struggle, and joyous moment in our lives.

You won't want to miss the two of them performing The Greatest Showman hit "Rewrite the Stars" in the second half of this touching video. At a BYU devotional on February 15, 2000, Elder Holland spoke of Valentine's Day and true love: I approach the subject knowing full well that, as a newly engaged young woman said to me just last month, “There is certainly a lot of advice out there!

Thanks to our friends at Mormon Hub and Utah Valley 360 for sharing and creating these!

Image from Utah Valley 360 Image from Utah Valley 360 Image from Utah Valley 360 Image from Utah Valley 360 Image from Utah Valley 360 Find more at and Utah Valley 360. Deseret News - “I remember what starvation looks like as I sit down to abundance three times a day,” said Elder Alexander B.

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According to an article by The San Diego Union-Tribune , those dog tags were in honor of Chris's stepfather, an LDS man named Jeff Knierim--a battle-hardened solider who would tear up everytime he heard Chris introduced as "representing the United States." Standing on the podium with his wife, Alexa, Chris kept those dog... His heart was larger than that of any man I have ever known." It is rare for a stake president to pass away while serving especially only after two years in his calling, but that is what happened in the Washington, D. Russell Ballard holds a worn and heavily marked set of scriptures—bound together with two rubber bands—and talks about his friend Jon M. It is hard to say everything about Huntsman’s service to his family and the Church, and his work as an international businessman and philanthropist, said President Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Jozet Richardson Hulley - What a beautiful insight into God's love and the ministering angels that surround us.

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