Sedating antihistamines for anxiety

(Search under “Allergy”)It depends on which antihistamine in particular that you have in mind.

I first reported the association between histamine intolerance and anxiety and panic attacks in my 2001 paper, .So often the patient is treated with a quick-acting antihistamine (usually Benadryl) the reaction subsides, and he or she is sent home, usually with an Epi Pen.Subsequent consultation with an allergist typically results in negative reactions to all the common allergens and after several such episodes without a clear-cut diagnosis the suspicion of a psychosomatic cause for the repeated reactions is raised.In general, the non-sedating ones would be safer, with the exception of cyproheptadine.Also, the non-sedating antihistamine, Mizollen (mizolastine) in particular, should be avoided with Effexor.

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