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However, the murder set pieces and dreamlike imagery still makes this underrated slasher a great watch.The killer’s mask is effectively creepy, as is the doll used as the killer’s calling card.GEORGIA Toffolo reigned supreme on tonight's I'm a Celebrity after bagging the first full line-up of stars for the camp during her bushtucker trial - but found a snake in a highly uncomfortable area.The Made in Chelsea star proved her pluck after being hoisted up into the air in a perspex box filled with snakes and was told to endure the confined space for nine minutes, winning a star for each minute that passes.She took on the challenge after boxer Amir and Jamie Lomas asked not to do it due to their fear of snakes, and as camp Prime Minister she felt it was her "duty".

The more boldened the cult becomes, the creepier things get, including a very tense sequence in a movie theater.

Amazon Prime Video began as a perk for Prime members to help members justify their yearly fee, but has since grown to be a worthy competitor to streaming champ Netflix.

There are currently over 2,600 titles available in horror with Prime Video, but unlike many of its rivals, the streaming service isn’t always exactly easy to navigate.

As one stayed dangerously close to her face, Toff noticed one crawling up her crotch - causing her to scream: "It's coming near my Noony!

" Announcing her victory to the campmates, she was met with cheers and a lot of praise from boxer Amir.

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The ice skating scene is one of the best in slasher history, and the final chase sequence makes this slasher stand out among most, even if it takes a while to get there.

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