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The textbook or professors don’t associate them with the occult.One of my professor’s father designed the 1948 Buick hood ornament, which we were told obviously symbolizes sexual intercourse.Other finds illustrate how crucial Heracleion was to the economy of the ancient world.Gold coins and lead, bronze and stone weights from Athens (used to measure the value of goods and to calculate the tax owed) show that Heracleion was a lucrative Mediterranean trading post.All their greatest cities, including Constantinople, Rome and Athens, were either on the coast or on rivers with easy access to it.And now Heracleion can be added to their number as Egypt’s most important port during the time of the later pharaohs.So discovering the usage of these symbols does demand further research into: (1285) This painting by the first great artist of the Italian Renaissance, Cenni di Pepo Cimabue, depicts the Madonna (Mary) and Child (Jesus).Note: the only partly visible pyramid behind their heads and the Halosun symbolism.

A colossal statue of an ancient unknown Pharaoh (left) lies on a barge in an Alexandrian naval base after it was uncovered in the ancient submerged city of Heracleion.

The statue of the Goddess Isis sits on display on a barge in an Alexandrian naval base (left).

Pictured right is a colossal statue of red granite representing the god Hapi, which decorated the temple of Heracleion In the ancient world, the Mediterranean Sea was their equivalent of a superfast motorway.

Along with these 16ft statues there are hundreds of smaller statues of Egyptian gods — among them the figures that guarded the temple where Cleopatra was inaugurated as Queen of the Nile.

Dozens of sarcophagi have been found, containing the bodies of mummified animals sacrificed to Amun-Gereb, the supreme god of the Egyptians.

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