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Although she was only a temporary employee, her skill level was above those currently assigned to the project.Merry took another bite of the peanut-butter sandwich she’d brought for lunch.People were busy, and there were parties to attend and shopping and decorating that needed to be done. Christmas might as well be blocked off the calendar.“Don’t worry, dear,” Merry’s mother assured her gently.

Debbie Macomber, the author of Any Dream Will Do, If Not for You, Sweet Tomorrows, A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, Last One Home, Silver Linings, Love Letters, Mr.Grocery shopping was a task Merry had taken on as her mother’s illness progressed. I’ll stop off at the store on my way home and pick some up.” While she was there she’d grab a few other essentials, too, like milk and bread. And maybe some ice cream for Patrick, who never complained about the need to help his mother.“Your father can do that on his way home—”“Don’t ask Dad,” Merry interrupted.However, working the hours she did made it nearly impossible to find the time needed. Her father was in pharmaceutical sales and traveled extensively around the Pacific Northwest and was often on the road. By the time he got home from driving across the state, he’d be exhausted. They were a tight-knit group by necessity and by love.Christmas is the season of the heart, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber is here to warm yours with a delightful holiday novel of first impressions and second chances. She’s taking care of her family, baking cookies, decorating for the holidays, and hoping to stay out of the crosshairs of her stressed and by-the-book boss at the consulting firm where she temps.Her own social life is the last thing she has in mind, much less a man.

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