In terms of physical problems, are men who have experienced heart attacks at risk of recurrent attacks when they have sex?

PATRICIA BLOOM, MD: A kind of equivalency that I've heard is, if you can walk up two to four flights of stairs, that's about the same level of physical activity as having intercourse.

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DAVID KAUFMAN, MD: A very significant part of my job when I discuss sexual problems with older men is to reassure, and let them know that what they're experiencing is okay.

It's not only the sixty-five-year-olds or the seventy-year-olds, but it's the twenty-five-year-olds and the thirty-year-olds who need to understand these changes.

And then, of course, you should talk about potential modifications.

I remember one patient of mine who had angina, and I kept trying to encourage him to use a different position.

And if that's not addressed concurrently with the medical problem, we've really only done half of our job.So I think it's very important for the doctor to ask about it, to establish a baseline. Takes a little longer to get aroused when you get older." Next week he came back and he banged on my door, and said, "It worked! Not only that, I came twice in one night, and I haven't done that since I was fourteen." So educating older people about how sexual function changes can be very useful?PATRICIA BLOOM, MD: If elderly people understood the changes in physiology which make sexual cycles somewhat different, they would be very comforted.There's a large amount of women who are not orgasmic with intercourse, who are not so interested in intercourse, especially older women, who have discomfort. When you get into the far reaches of the age spectrum, when you're talking age ninety, there are at least three women for every man. So you might think, oh, that's nirvana for the man.But I actually heard a man say that he feels like he's been turned into a sex object with all these women.

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