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One of the things I’ve found most helpful for women who start feeling this way is to stop thinking so much about the past and the future and focus instead on creating what you want in the present moment.Remember that while a relationship is important, the more you allow it to define you, the easier it is to lose yourself.When you get down to it…it’s YOUR CHOICE to make the MEANING out of the situation that you want.If a man doesn’t call you, you don’t have to give that a NEGATIVE MEANING.

I’ll talk to you again soon and best of luck in Life and Love, Your Friend, Christian Carter Author, “Catch Him & Keep Him” P. – If you want to learn more specific ways to create this positive energy in your life – which will naturally and effortlessly attract a great guy – go here and check out my free emails and tips: This article was written by a site sponsor.He definitely shouldn’t be swiping still when you two are getting serious-ish. It’s weird if he won’t introduce you to his friends and family, so you definitely can’t call him your BF if he’s hiding you. More than that, though, you should be part of his whole world now.You should know his fave TV shows and the video games he pretends not to play and even the name of his second grade crush (OK, maybe not that last one, but you get the picture). You both love to go out all the time or belong to the homebody society, or you enjoy a balance.You want a spark, a connection, and enough chemistry to make any awkward moments totally worth it. Dating is stressful and awful, but it’s also supposed to be fun.If you’re not having the time of your life, you need to hold onto your single girl status a little while longer. You’re not into the boyfriend label just for your FB profile or bragging rights with your still single friends.

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It really can be that simple, although this is NEVER the thing your anxious mind would ever come up with.

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