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On the night that the 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khdeir was kidnapped, beaten and burned alive in a Jerusalem forest as the Israel-Gaza war raged in the summer of 2014, Lehava and other activists were out on the streets of Jerusalem, spouting racist and violent propaganda, Giora, an activist from 'Talking in the Square' says.

'But if I come with someone who has been through a similar experience, and who tells her her story - this helps.'But a report by the Israel Religious Action Centre says that in 2012, the group published 'a page of shame' on its website, displaying the names of Jewish women involved in relationships with non-Jewish men. There are some who want to take the Arabs out of the territories and some who want to give the Arabs away with the territories. In the past, people used to talk of living together - but today no one believes in living together.

Lehava 'advocates hatred of Arabs in Israel and is based on racially-oriented and alarmist incitement,' notes a report by Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC), a public and legal advocacy arm of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.

'Lehava's basic message is that Arabs are enemies of Israel and that contact with them will lead to disaster and the kidnapping of Jewish girls to Arab villages.'At the marriage party of Morel Malka (a Jewish woman who converted to Islam) and Mahmoud Mansour (a Muslim) in 2014, Lehava organised loud protests outside the wedding venue, where crowds of activists screamed 'Mohammed is dead,' and 'Death to Arabs.' In the weeks prior, Lehava published a copy of the wedding invitation on their Facebook page and invited activists to come to protest the union with 'banners and bullhorns,' while a court issued a restraining​ order against the group, bidding them to remain 200 metres away from the venue, The Times of Israel reported.

Yet despite being under investigation for four years, the hate-filled campaigners operate in the central square of Jerusalem where they openly incite violence every Thursday night, the eve of the Israeli weekend.

Supermodel: Bar Rafaeli, who is Jewish and was dating Leonardo Dicaprio, is one of the high-profile names who have been urged not to marry outside their own religion by far-right radical fringe group Lehava'To do what God says you're supposed to do, not what you think in your head that you're supposed to do.

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