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Similar to other Sprint wireless modems, service plans start at .99/month for unlimited use with a two-year contract.PC Cards are still more convenient than the U720: You can leave them in a laptop while you're taking it from place to place, for instance.And it's so big that it blocks other nearby USB ports and, if put in a Mac Book, literally sags out of the port and turns itself off.To solve the port problem, Novatel includes a USB extension cable, which lets you position the dongle to catch the best reception.While using this modem, I got the best average connection speeds, both downloading and uploading, of any EV-DO Rev A device with the U720.In two days of testing at three locations around New York City, I recorded average download speeds of 1 megabit per second and uploads of 483 Kbps.The company will offer a basic location service sometime in early 2007, with more advanced capabilities available later in the year.Like all EV-DO Rev A devices, the U720 also operates on slower EV-DO Rev 0 and 1x RTT networks where there is no EV-DO Rev A coverage, so it will give you data access anywhere Sprint has a signal.

For example, do not close the browser, click a link, or load a new page. Read the new firmware release notes to determine if you need to reconfigure the router after updating the firmware.

The following video clip demonstrates these steps: Gear Head Support is a technical support service for NETGEAR devices and all other connected devices in your home.

A driver is a program that controls a hardware device.

Because of this, I still give a thumbs-up to the Sierra Air Card 595 and to the Novatel Wireless S720.

But, thanks to its USB interface, the Novatel Ovation U720 goes to all sorts of places those devices can't, letting it share our Editors' Choice.

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The U720 looks rather like a fat USB key—way oversize, almost as big as three fingers put together.

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