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As he states, “People who didn’t ‘measure up’ were cut off and those who were not seen as adding value to the ministry were treated as though they were expendable.” Likewise, he acknowledges that a focus on external behavior caused many to feel that “expectations where[sic] so high that they could never measure up to them.” Both of these acknowledgments are crucial, as they appear to acknowledge what happens when we “teach as doctrines the commandments of men.” (Matthew 15:9 and Mark 7:7) Even with these positive elements, however, the statement leaves us troubled.We have concluded that Gothard’s statement, as it stands, is incomplete.Yet at this time, there has not been an acknowledgement of the truth from the board.

We understand that Gothard offered his confession to the board several weeks ago, and several parties who were interviewed as part of the internal investigation have informed that they confirmed many of the allegations.Their selfless actions have served to warn others of danger and have emboldened many more women to come forward with their own stories.Some of these women have already endured a great deal of backlash for their boldness, and they chose to speak out knowing that such backlash was likely.Has he submitted himself to the accountability of a local church for spiritual leadership?Has he sought professional counseling to help work through his areas of temptation and abusiveness, so that he might understand fully how his actions have impacted others?

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