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Sony Ericsson upgraded the X10 to Android 2.1 in November, and had planned to stop there, but customer demand and technology advances prompted the company to consider another upgrade."We have listened to our consumers," Sony wrote in a blog post.Still, Xperia X10 phones that are upgraded to Gingerbread will find that some of their features will be lost or altered, Sony said.For example, Gingerbread will include the standard Android camera user interface, so things like face recognition and smile shutter will be lost.You will need to manually update the device from your computer using the Sony Ericsson’s PC Companion desktop software.It is recommended to backup all your data before updating the device."Due to the resources available in this special project, we will focus on delivering trade versions of the software," Sony said.

And now, the company has kept their promise and finally rolled out the Gingerbread update."In addition, the development of the software for our new 2011 range of Xperia phones gave us a solution that made it possible to deliver Gingerbread on Xperia X10." Sony Ericsson decided to bypass the Android 2.2 update because it has been focused on Gingerbread for its upcoming line of Xperia phones, including the Xperia Play "Play Station phone." The rollout, which will technically be Android 2.3.3, is planned for the end of the second quarter into the third via the company's PC-based upgrade client.At this point, the Xperia X10 is available from carriers and in a version not tied to a specific wireless company, and the Gingerbread update will initially be provided to X10s not tied to a carrier.Earlier this year, Sony Ericsson announced that, the company will skip the Froyo update and it will finally roll out the much-awaited Android Gingerbread update during the Q3 of 2011.The Android 2.3 update for Xperia X10 is not available via Over-The-Air (OTA).

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