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He was allied with princes of upper Syria, notably Carchemish and Qatna, and with Hammurabi of Babylon.We know from Scripture that Hadadezer liked to set up victory monuments; David defeated him (I Chronicles 18:3).

Thus the kings of Mari recorded these years: of ML corresponded in name precisely to the southern tribe of Israel.More controversial, though, was Hickman’s attempted revitalization of an old and not very popular theory according to which the word But more pressing than the linguistic question were the powerful historical reasons why, within the context of conventional reasoning, the ML could not possibly bear any references to King David or his era.It is an undisputed fact that Zimri-Lim was a contemporary of Hammurabi, king of Babylon.Hickman also provided an interesting explanation as to why he thought that Rekhob, the name of Hadadezer’s father, bore Hadadezer.Shamsi-Adad’s kingdom is known to have included the plain of Assyria, stretching southward through the middle Euphrates Valley almost to the latitude of Eshnunna.

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Here, though, I wish to consolidate one area only of Hickman’s research: the era of Solomon.

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