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He is well known for his Minecraft, Skyrim, Happy Wheels, Slender, and Walking Dead series.Toby is currently playing Chair in a Room and Hover Junkers. He also runs a series of shorts called Toby Games Highlights, which as the title may imply, showcase Toby's funniest gaming moments.

He has a sister named 'Angie' who sometimes appears in his vlogs.These are one take daily video blogs that he records on his i Phone, talking about his day, upcoming events, and future plans for his channels.You can win Tobuscus t-shirts from this channel by commenting on a random topic determined by Toby in his videos. Toby constantly receives items from fans and sometimes showcases them in his Lazy Vlogs. O box here: 12400 Ventura BLVD Unit 276 Studio City, CA, 91604 Toby is popular all over the world.She stated that when she was first dating Toby, women (including April) would come up to her to warn her about dating him, worrying that she was going to get hurt, but she ignored it all. She felt pressured into doing things she thought were uncomfortable.She goes on to say that just because she felt uncomfortable, didn't mean that she felt pressured into doing stuff she didnt want to do.

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She also says that Toby tried to push drugs (weed and molly) on her (She did molly willingly but was heavily pressured).

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