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'Agent.exe' is indeed part of the 'Install Shield Update Service Agent' by Macrovision Corporation.It is used to connect to the Internet to check for updates to certain installed programs. On Win XP systems it is installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield\Update Service I found the file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield\Update Service\Oh, and Tavis says he plans on for other titles and applications that have a high amount of users. Diese kann auf Ihrem Computer Einstellungen ändern oder schlimmstenfalls auch Schaden anrichten.I’m not pleased that Blizzard pushed this patch without notifying me, or consulted me on this.Shortly after Tavis posted this update, Blizzard chimes in and states that they’ll be in contact with Tavis regarding the fix.

However, as of today, Blizzard did appear to patch the vulnerability about 6 hours ago.

And that this is a required tool for installing and updating all Blizzard titles on the PC.

All Blizzard games (World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo III, Starcraft II, etc.) were vulnerable to DNS rebinding vulnerability allowing any website to run arbitrary code.

Any website can simply create a dns name that they are authorized to communicate with, and then make it resolve to localhost.

To be clear, this means that *any* website can send privileged commands to the agent.

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Their solution appears to be to query the client command line, get the 32-bit FNV-1a string hash of the exename and then check if it’s in a blacklist.

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