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Geomagnetic storms reaching G2 - Moderate levels are expected over the next 48 hours due to the influence of a geoeffective coronal hole in combination with an Earth-directed component of coronal mass ejection (CME) produced on May 13. Read more According to new research by UCL and the Vesuvius Observatory in Naples, the Campi Flegrei volcano in southern Italy may be closer to an eruption than previously thought.

An eruption today would affect the 360 000 people living across the caldera and Naples'......

Read more After many years of stage 2 and 3 lipedema, a serious health crisis recently propelled me into stage 4 lipo-lymphedema, where the body cannot dispose of its lymph fluids properly.

This led me to try some manual lymph drainage and bandaging to see if that could help the lipo-lymphedema. It wasn't a miracle cure but it did help, as you can see in the pictures.

This is why the Palestinian Monetary Authority wants to introduce a bitcoin-like digital currency as the territory's new legal tender, which will be called the Palestinian Pound, according to Shawwa.

It is the Palestinian Monetary Authority's goal to become a fully-fledged and internationally recognized central bank for an independent Palestine.

Researchers in Italy are currently trying to determine if recent activity around the site could be warning us of an impending disaster.

The volcano has been restless for 67 years, with two-year periods of unrest in the 1950s, 1970s and 1980s causing small, local earthquakes and ground uplift.

I'm not a fan of constant "Cold Camps", but there are times when I don't want to invite folks in. If one wanted to buy a gun safe where would one start?Payza on Monday announced the addition of a wide range of bitcoin services.The company also claims to be the first ewallet provider to treat bitcoin like any fiat currency.Merchants can now hold bitcoin in their accounts instead of having them automatically converted into fiat currencies.Furthermore, bitcoin payments are protected by Payzas Resolution Center.

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