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Vance believes that the real reason he was fired was due to political pressure on Auburn leaders from Winder City Councilman Frank Dunagan and other relatives of the girl.

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For the violations of eight city and departmental policies, Brown suspended Ulrich on March 25 for five days without pay.

But four days later, at the apparent insistence of city officials, the chief terminated him.

The Long Hunters had a very diverse ancestry including: New England Puritans who had moved to New Jersey and then later to the Piedmont of North Carolina, Quakers like Daniel Boone from Pennsylvania, Germans from the Shenandoah valley, Eastern Virginians who were converted to Baptists and moved to old Bedford Co., VA, Presbyterians from Pennsylvania and old Augusta Co., Virginia and people of mixed race ancestry, possibly Saponi Indian mixed with European, many who came from old Lunenburg Co., VA.

Danny Kerns, both of whom resigned under what appeared to be pressure from city officials. Brown and Kerns gave Ulrich a verbal warning, but never reported the incident to the mayor and city administrator as required by the city’s personnel policy.

Then last month, an internal affairs investigation determined Ulrich also had falsely claimed to be patrolling subdivisions on five successive night shifts while actually spending much of the time in his parked vehicle sleeping, using his personal cell phone, and paying bills.

The turmoil that has slammed the Auburn Police Department in the past two weeks is one part a question of leadership, and one part Peyton Place.

Four Auburn police officers have resigned or been fired in the two weeks, including the town’s police chief Fred Brown, and his second in command, Lt. Brown and Kerns were reportedly pressured to resign after city officials concluded they had not dealt strongly enough with an officer who had misbehaved while on duty and an officer whose relationship with an 18-year-old girl had raised eyebrows and reports of political pressure. Derek Ulrich, who more than a year ago confessed to having had sex while on duty with a local waitress.

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