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Article 8: FREEDOM OF USE OF RESOURCES AND RISK DIVERSIFICATION CRITERIA The companies of the financial and insurance systems shall be free to use portfolio resources, with the limitations prescribed in the Law. Transport, Custody and Specie Management Companies: S/.10 000 000,00 3. Cases of the companies prescribed in Points A, B and C of Article 16 are subject to the prior opinion of the Central Bank. Circular N° 006-2009-BCRP Circular N° 007-2009-BCRP Artículo 162º.- ENCAJE MÍNIMO LEGAL Y ENCAJES ADICIONALES El encaje mínimo legal es no mayor del nueve por ciento del total de obligaciones sujetas a encaje.

They must observe at all times the risk diversification criteria, for which reason the Superintendency shall not authorize the incorporation of companies designed to support only one sector of the economy. 5 763 000,00 Article 17: MINIMUM CAPITAL OF COMPANIES PROVIDING COMPLEMENTARY AND SIMILAR SERVICES In order to incorporate companies to provide complementary and similar services, it shall be required to have the following minimum capital stock: 1. Article 20: IMPEDIMENTS TO BE ACCEPTED AS ORGANIZERS The following may not be organizers of companies: Article 21: APPLICATION FOR ORGANIZATION All applications for organization of companies of the financial and insurance systems must include all formal requirements established by the Superintendency in its general provisions, which shall prescribe the procedure to be followed. Por razones de política monetaria, el Banco Central puede establecer encajes adicionales o marginales, estando facultado a reconocer intereses por los fondos con los que se les constituya, a la tasa que determine su Directorio.

Those infringing the above prohibitions shall be sanctioned in accordance with Article 246 of the Criminal Code. Having obtained the certificate, the organizers must: The certificate of authorization to organize shall expire two (2) years after it was issued. CAPÍTULO IV CENTRAL DE RIESGOS Artículo 158º.- ORGANIZACIÓN DE LA CENTRAL DE RIESGOS E INFORMACIÓN QUE CONTENDRÁ.

To this effect, the terms prescribed in Article 30 shall apply. The refusal of any application referred to in this article must state the relevant grounds; but it may not be challenged through administrative or legal proceedings. Article 31: OBLIGATION TO DISPLAY BUSINESS LICENSE The original resolution of approval of the business license, as a well as a copy of the business license of the company must be displayed at all branches, agencies or special offices of the company. It shall not be required to include the word “” or corresponding abbreviation. The opinion must be given within fifteen (15) days if the office will operate within the country, and within sixty (60) days if its operations will be abroad. Article 16: MINIMUM CAPITAL As far as the operation of companies and their subsidiaries, it shall be required that their capital stock, contributed in cash, be at least as follows: A. This term shall be counted as from the date of receipt of the application, including all supporting documents.

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