Biblical verses on dating

I am going to speak more to the term “rape” later on in this article.Biblically speaking all instances of forced sex are not considered rape any more than all instances of killing are considered murder.

Calling “forced sex” rape in our language and culture would be like referring to every instance of killing as murder.However, unlike the nations around them – they were not allowed to have forced sex right there on the battlefield with their captive women. God made the Israelite men wait one month to allow the woman to mourn the death of her loved ones.Even after the month – the man had to take her as his wife, not simply his sex slave as other nations also did.My new position is as follows: Forced sex within marriage by a husband toward his wife is not in and of itself a sin but it can be a sin under certain circumstances.The “Markland Letter” case which I addressed in my article “It is Not a Woman’s Consent That Matters, It is God’s” where the man forced sex on his wife after surgery would be an example of a husband sinfully forcing himself on his wife.

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The Bible actually addresses forced marriage and as a result of marriage forced sex in the book of Deuteronomy.

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