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While her main focus is makeup she does beauty hair, styling, and airbrushing tanning for some clients.No matter what she works on her motto is ” find their spark” the spark being what makes the model, actress, musician or bride feel extra confident because only with confidence do you get the most beautiful outcome.Despite the clear fact that Scantlin should be in professional care and not on a stage, Puddle Of Mudd’s England tour looks set to plough ahead.No new information has been posted on their Facebook page, on account of the band having deleted their Facebook page after copping so many negative reviews. Her parents Linda and Charlie, she is a former cheerleader and model. Then on November 30th, 2011 everything came crashing down.

Rena Rowan Damone preceded her husband of nearly 20 years when she died back in 2016. [Read The Whole Story...] But the rocker’s not totally out of the woods even though the judge entered a dissolution of marriage, there will be another hearing to determine spousal support and division of all the goodies.

Shortly after, she started getting calls to do makeup on her own as well as hair and styling. A natural painter with a knack for creativity and precision she has built her clients from models, musicians, and celebrities.

She works mostly with Red Carpet and Music Videos, however she also has worked with Tv shows, fashion shows, editorial and bridal work.

They bailed on the singer mid-set in Doncaster, England, walking offstage to leave him alone and ranting in front of a pissed off crowd.

Footage of the incident shows the visibly inebriated singer flipping off his MIA bandmates as he tells the audience, “My band Puddle Of Mudd – who I thought was my band – has quit on me… ”And audience members weren’t shy about voicing their opinions on the matter either, repeatedly screaming “FOOK YOU, WES! And it’s the third time this year that Puddle of Mudd haven’t finished a set due to the frontman’s erratic behaviour.

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In the last year, Scantlin has been arrested for a DUI not once but twice, and has a history of skipping shows for being arrested or, sometimes, for no reason at all.

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