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She hated whining, sentimentality, hypocrisy, the inability to take a joke, and above all dishonorable behavior. We bonded early through a shared grudge against a fashion editor who'd done each of us a bad turn. I always thought of myself as bold, but Amy was bolder. Amy and I were struck in the same year with acute illnesses: I had a neurological condition, later identified as sarcoidosis, and Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer.Our hospitals were across the street from each other on the Upper East Side, Amy at Memorial Sloan Kettering and me at New York Hospital/ Cornell Medical Center.Like good journalists, Amy and I made it our mission to investigate our new surroundings.We'd heard there were secret underground tunnels that heads of state and other dignitaries used to travel between the two hospitals, so we started a competition to see who'd be first to successfully bribe an orderly to wheel her to the VIP catacombs.And we pestered the staff for information about the famous socialite Sunny Von Bulow.She'd been in a persistent vegetative state for decades, and Amy was convinced she could track Sunny down in the warren of high-end suites.She had a caustic edge as a friend, but she was also the most generous and inspiring editor I ever worked for.

We both kept writing, and we pushed each other to suck it up and not be a pussy about our illnesses. She edited the style section for our nation's paper of record from a hospital bed.We found ourselves neighbors once more, though not in the bucolic Connecticut countryside.We were back in the Upper East Side medical complex.Sometimes this is bad, like when you take up smoking or drink too much because your friends do. Amy was my badass friend, who dealt with illness like a boss.In mirroring her, I gained the toughness I needed to deal with my rapidly compounding health problems. We were together at a swanky fundraising dinner for a breast cancer research organization, both of us wearing wigs and scarves to cover up our varying stages of baldness and steroidal puffiness.

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We would crank-call each other's rooms and play tricks on our medical teams, such as wearing fake mustaches and false beards during the morning rounds to get a rise out of the interns.

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