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I’m still on the fence as to whether it’s a hookup site or not. Sadly, yes, but it happens very rarely as I usually swing towards the other end of the spectrum and don’t feel a connection with most. So here are the facts: She’s on one site and has had met 1 man this year.

Do I get attached MUCH too quickly to men that I don’t yet really know? And I don’t really have an answer for that these days. ****edited to add: before all the haters out there bash me for being ‘too picky’, I assure you, I’m not.

super Filed under: bad dates,bad dates,bumble,dating,internet dating,online dating,single,speed dating,texting,tinder — Grey Goose, Dirty @ am Tags: blogging, dating, fast track, introspective bullshit, online dating, single Not sure what this phrase even means. To me it means getting to point B from point A as fast as possible.

Online dating is a bit of a ‘necessary evil’ I feel. At times I let this sadden me but, by and large, I use it as an example that there is truly someone for everyone. Fast track or not, I’m apparently as confused as ever …………. I never activated my ‘Our Time’ profile, so that doesn’t count.

I’d be lucky if my right arm would fit into one of his pant legs. One just keeps firing questions at me while the other is apparently pouring his heart out to me. Yeah, my desire to be his test dummy for dating is sitting right about a negative 4,000,000. I’m not sure if he’s being truthful or making every single word up.

As in, thanks for having me spend the night, but I have nothing to wear today. They’re both cute, both ridiculously awkward on the whole ‘chatting’ concept. After being married for 27 years (yes, I’m old and dating in an entirely different demographic). The 2nd seems like either the sleeziest dick in the universe, or the world’s nicest guy (aside from the whole being married thing).

While he said that the complete physical mismatch didn’t bother him, it does me. What I didn’t know was that they are both still married. Then tells me that he is ‘in the process of being single’.

I could tell right away that they were both new to the world of online dating. He’s been very interactive and asked lots about me.

My friend, who is my Bumble compatriot, says ‘yeah, Grey is on the fast track’.

Windy conditions caused postponements and less than ideal conditions for other outdoor events at the Olympics on Sunday and Monday and additional strong winds are expected in the coming days.

Tinder is kinda weird in that it’s all photo based. Who knows how many times I’ve been left or right swiped.

He says he hasn’t gotten many messages and even fewer responses to his messages. He’s not a bad looking man, so could the decks be stacked just that far in women’s favor?

He has been on Tinder for 6 months and I am the 1st woman he’s met (lucky him). While he looked just like his photo and wasn’t a bad looking man, he was exactly 4 inches shorter than me and about 50 lbs lighter in stature. Do you all know what my measure is to see if there could ever be anything long lasting?

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