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We talked about what hair length has to do with sexuality, navigating the line between showing interest in women and objectifying them, and why bisexuals are terrible dressers.

—I’m disinterested in skinny women, so I always end up dating women that are kind of voluptuous.But say bisexuals had a uniform and they could just walk around and people would know—that still might not help that much because I wouldn’t know what type of bisexual you were.You might be a disjunctive bisexual woman who sleeps with women but doesn’t fall in love with them.On her date with a man, we went more girly in a black top with a simple silver necklace; we chose a gold hoodie for when she meets a potential female love interest for the first time.We threw in a black and red checkered scarf for her second encounter with the woman—an item that can read straight or gay.

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