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It is not in Marcion’s canon, but he only mentioned Pauline letters 9.The Muratorian Fragment omits both 1 and 2 Peter (but the text of the fragment is open to doubt in its corrupted state) 1. Linguistic and stylistic objections: Because the epistle has a good Greek style and has been influenced by the Greek of the LXX it is argued that Peter, a Galilean fisherman, was unable to write the letter: 1) But it is possible that Peter could have achieved fluency in the Greek language since it was wide spread throughout the Middle East and more than 30 years separate Peter the fisherman and Peter the writer 2) Since Peter was addressing Gentile converts, it is natural for him to employ the LXX 3) Also the book itself states that Peter used Silas as his secretary (); this may account for its style b.The rhetorical and didactic nature of the letter may mean that it was intended to be read aloud to the congregations C.While Peter may have used material that existed in others forms (past teaching and preaching, hymns, catechesis, homilies), he now forms a letter which has meaning apart from the previously existing forms D.It is an appropriate place in the letter to glorify God who gives spiritual gifts (cf.1 Timothy where Paul does a similar thing); this solution seems best to this writer. Although 1 Peter does bare the form of a letter, the tone is that of a homiletical, paraenetic sermon designed to provide direction for believers under persecution; at times it also includes theological considerations which support the ethical exhortations. To emphasize for his readers the indissoluble link between doctrine and practice () C.

The LXX is used in OT referrals thus supporting a Gentile orientation b. Identification: The NT had four different names for this individual: 1. Cephas (a Greek transliteration of the Aramaic word for rock [ 4.Simeon (the Hebrew for Peter’s original name) (Acts ; cf. Irenaeus, Tertullian, and Clement of Alexandria all quote this epistle as Petrine 5.The terms “elected aliens of the Diaspora” all have a Jewish element to them c. The Letter is written to those aliens residing in northern Asia Minor E.The former lives of the readers supports a Gentile audience: 1) Previous vain way of life () 2) Former lusts in ignorance () 3) The have done what Gentiles do (4:3, 4) 4) They were once a ‘no people’ but were called out of darkness (2:9, 11) C. The letter was written to those of mixed social status (slaves, -25 and free men, -17) F.

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