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Here, the show’s relationship guru Eden Blackman spills a few secrets to us about all those things you don’t see on camera…

The most recent contestant to join is Courtney Stodden, who rose to fame after marrying actor Doug Hutchinson in 2011, when she was just 16 years old to his 50 years of age.Viewers were left perplexed after Friday night's scheduled episode was suddenly pulled and replaced with a Come Dine With Me special of Made In Chelsea.The show, which features an array of celebrity faces looking to find love with a civilian, was said to have been pulled 'after concerns were raised about one of the daters featured in the episode', according to The Sun.As Eden explains: ‘It has to be somewhere you feel incredibly comfortable, and where all the crew can fit their cameras and equipment.’ 10 There’s a whole lot of stuff that you don’t see on TV – with the dates lasting longer than you might think.They’re a couple of hours I think, however long a regular date would be – there’s drinks, there’s dinner, there are obviously breaks during that as well – and sometimes they have to change lighting and different angles,’ Eden points out.

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  1. The ex-wife of Geoffrey Edelsten hasn't been shy in flaunting her new romance, with Friday's steamy scenes the latest in a long line of amorous displays the couple have been putting on in recent weeks.

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