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Anne Dacier died (Aug 17, 1720) aged sixty-six, at Preuilly-sur-Claise.Dacomb, Beatrice Eliza – (1863 – 1947) Australian inventor Beatrice Dacomb was born in Portland, Victoria (Nov 22, 1863), the daughter of a merchant.She held the distinction of being the oldest person in Scotland (June, 2001 – Dec, 2005) and the oldest person in the United Kingdom (April, 2004 – Dec, 2005).

Prior to World War II she resided in France and Britain.

She finally moved into a nursing home, Annfield House, Stirling (1998), after a fall.

D’Abreu was officially confirmed as Britain’s oldest living person at the age of one hundred and ten (May, 2002) when she received an official visit from the Royal Family.

With the death of her mother Lady Winchester (1586) Anne inherited the former home of Sir Thomas More, chancellor to Henry VIII in Chelsea.

Anne survived her husband only eight months, and died (May 14, 1595) at Chelsea, aged sixty, and was interred with him in the More Chapel in Chelsea Old Church, where a magnificent marble monument was erected, which exhibited full life-size effigies of the couple under a Corinthian canopy festooned with flowers.

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Her epitaph described Lady Dacre in very laudatory terms.

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