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“If you guys come over you will probably see what's wrong,” the user told Pete, who did his duty and trekked to the other end of the building to find a PC with half a dozen windows all running the same conferencing app.Five of the windows had people in them, but the advisor’s window was empty. At the same job Pete was also called out to troubleshoot some laptop docks that the Commission decided to test.The user couldn’t fault Pete’s work, thanked him but also chose that moment to admit “I’m not sure, though, because I can't read Arabic.” Have you had to help anyone more clueless that Pete’s crew?If so, write to On-Call with your stories and you might appear in this space on a future Friday.Nor was the user in the office, so Pete joked with a secretary that the absence of the computer would be a fine reason for the login problem.

It's highly recommended that you plug the phone in while using it and completing these steps.Step 3: Choose the option that best suits your needs; I recommend "Use browser built-in viewer."You should see your video load in the Web browser.If not, go back and try another one of the link options.Note: You will need a Wi-Fi connection that is shared by both the computer and your mobile device to use this application.Install a copy of IP Webcam on your Android device.

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