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His career since then has combined film, TV and stage work.And in ‘the profession’ he is perhaps best known for two things, apart from his acting: one is that he often gets his kit off — Purefoy’s nickname is ‘Puresex’ — the other is that he is an accomplished swordsman, in both senses of the word.And not just his actor friend, even his long-term publicist likes to make mischief, telling me before I meet him that I should make sure to ask about his incestuous relationship with his mother. ‘I get asked about Sienna by friends who have read something about her and I will say: “How many times do I have to tell you? It keeps her amused.‘ He guesses that the publicist makes these jokes because ‘it doesn’t really matter with me so much because I’m not a celebrity that celeb mags write about, which is obviously a good thing.One of them was in drama and this led to his being given a place at the Central School of Speech and Drama.After this came a couple of years with the RSC which he describes as his ‘university’.So, with notes of caution sounding, these are the biographical details I am pretty sure are accurate.James Purefoy was born in Taunton, Somerset, 47 years ago.

‘When I’m introduced to someone I will make a quick calibration of what they might have seen me in.

Do not believe what you read in the tabloids and the celeb mags.

They really do just make things up.” They said Sienna was having an affair with a cast member and they had simply gone through the cast list and said “that one will do” and it could have been me, could have been anyone.

‘ and on this cue I put my foot on the stage “Por-Puref-Porfuy-er”.’ He makes a splodge noise as he mimes being hit in the face by a pie.

‘So there I am trying to find my way to the lectern as I wipe custard from my eyes.

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He has never really had to ‘rest’ as an actor, which is quite an achievement.

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