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Workplace friendships can help job satisfaction, productivity and job loyalty.

If a personal relationship at work or outside work creates a problem such as a conflict of interest or breach of trust then the employer may need to know (eg if a manager enters into a relationship with someone who reports to them, or if a person enters into a relationship with someone who works for a competitor of the employer).

If the referees are not suitable, employers should ask the applicant if they have someone else.

If the hiring employer needs to speak to the applicant’s current employer, then they should tell the applicant and get their agreement.

Mirrorless cameras and professional DSLRs have survived only because they still provide features that phones don't, but their days are extremely numbered for non-professional use. On one particular bridge with a view of the Tokyo Skytree, I watched as several tourists fumbled around with their tripods and waited to shoot a timelapse.

Smartphone cameras are just so excellent now and some of the accessories, like Moment's screw-on lenses are so versatile, that they're actually better shooting gear than dedicated cameras in many ways. #neverstopexploring #longexposure_shots #agameoftones #night_shooterz #ig_masterpiece #longexpo #magicpict #ig_nightphotography #astrophotography #splendid_xposure #longexpoelite #fs_longexpo #starrynight #rsa_night #amazing_longexpo #skymasters #igpodium #super_photolongexpo #nightimages #nightscaper #igersjp #tokyocameraclub #team_jp_ #team_jp #icu_japan #explorejapan #iphoneography #iphoneonly #iphonesia #iphoneography #skytree A post shared by raymond wong (@sourlemons) on However, it's the camera's low-light capabilities that really sealed the deal. With the i Phone 8 Plus, I shot several timelapses and shared them to Instagram before they were even close to finishing. #hsdailyfeature #streetmeetina #urbanandstreet #symmetricalmonsters #streetmobs #seemycity #uncalculated #guardiancities #yngkillers #1stinstinct #meistershots #streetframe #citykillerz #streets_vision #streetactivity #tonekillers #streetmagazine #vnrchy #urbexpeople #streetxstory #gearednomad #streetmagazines #thecreative #instagramjapan #japanfocus #japantrip #cooljapan #igersjapan #unlimitedjapan #shotoniphone A post shared by raymond wong (@sourlemons) on Wide-angle and fisheye lenses for my Sony would've killed my back and taken forever to swap on. I frequently clipped on the fisheye as needed and my photos and videos are better because I did. It's easy to shoot a ridiculous amount of photos and videos, but backing them up and sorting through them all is a pain in the ass.

Employees can ask their employers for access to their personal files and other information their employer has about them.

The employer has to either give them access or tell them why they can’t see it, as soon as possible and within 20 working days (or ask for an extension).

It also really helps that the 8 Plus' A11 Bionic chip is so fast that it can process HDR photos instantly, shoot hundreds of photos in burst mode, and reduce image noise thanks to some intelligent AI. (Shot with Portrait mode)." src=" R-2LR5Dg VNlb AD7mak MKDWBi-0=/fit-in/1200x9600/" alt="Fine, you get one pic of me.

The i Phone 8 Plus weighs 5.22 ounces and the Sony A6300's body without a lens is 18.3 ounces. But after two weeks of shooting exclusively on an i Phone 8 Plus (anyone who followed my Instagram Stories will know I was literally sharing non-stop all day long), I can tell you it's such an incredible camera... Not only is it more convenient because it's connected to the internet, but its size and limitations also pushed me to think outside the box more than ever before. And it gives me an excuse to post photos from my Japan trip.

Needless to say, the 8 Plus was just easier to carry around. Image quality finally looks great in nearly all conditions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Fine, you get one pic of me.

If you think surveillance monitoring is appropriate, use the following approach: Employers don’t have a right to search employees’ personal belongings (including their bag or car etc) unless this has a clear and legal purpose.

The type and extent of the search must be consistent with this purpose.

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