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Broken Rites has ascertained that in 1980 the Maitland diocese arranged for Mc Alinden to go out of sight — to minister in a remote part of Western Australia, at Wickham, 1500 kilometres north of Perth (in the Pilbara mining region, between Perth and Broome).

Wickham parish is administered by the Geraldton Catholic diocese.

Research by Broken Rites has revealed that the Catholic Church knowingly harboured the paedophile priest Father Denis Mc Alinden for 40 years, thus inflicting him on young girls in parishes around Australia and also overseas.

The church has been paying small out-of-court settlements to some of Mc Alinden's victims, thus avoiding a larger settlement.

After completing this schooling, young Denis was recruited to a Redemptorist seminary, where he trained for the priesthood. Documents tendered to the New South Wales Special Commission of Inquiry in 2013 reveal that, in 1949, the Redemptorist authorities in Ireland wanted to get rid of Mc Alinden - and the Maitland diocese in Australia seemed to be a suitable dumping ground.

Conveniently, Maitland's Bishop Edmund Gleeson was himself a former member of the Redemptorist order.

He was one of a significant number of Irish priests who surfaced, often unaccountably, in Australia around that time.

This juniorate was run by priests of the Redemptorist Order.

Broken Rites research has ascertained that: Broken Rites has ascertained that Fr Denis Mc Alinden was born in Ireland on 24 January 1922 — the fourth child in a family of seven (he had three brothers and three sisters).

In Ireland it was common for boys to drift into full-time Catholicism as a career.

Broken Rites has checked Mc Alinden's parish appointments in the annual editions of the Australian Catholic directories.

In the 1960s, his parishes in the Maitland-Newcastle diocese included Singleton, Mussellbrook, Murrurindi and Greta.

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Fr Tracey wrote: "You will very justly say then: 'What is wrong with him, so why do you not wish to retain him? In a subsequent letter, Fr Tracey thanked Bishop Gleeson for accepting Mc Alinden.

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