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A method and ink composition are disclosed that utilize two mechanisms for the purpose of indicating the approximate age of an ink that has been deposited on a writing surface.

The first mechanism relates to detecting color shifts of p H sensitive compounds in the ink as the result of the evaporation...

However, by computing the ratio of the reactant to the product, the physical amount of ink, or its concentration, is not important.

Regardless of whether there are large or small amounts of ink available for analysis, the ratio will be the same for any particular stage of the reaction.

A second embodiment of the present invention relates to the oxidation of compounds in the ink.

Oxidation of specific compounds is a well understood process which, under a given set of parameters, including time and reaction rates, can be accurately predicted.

The ability to accurately time date writings and signatures deposited on a document, or set of documents, can help determine the authenticity of the document or documents and detect fraud, such as, for example, where a document contains several time dated entries which indicate a long span of time, but the writer falsified the document by making the entries all at one time or at a fewer number of sittings than indicated by the dates written on the document. One of the most common techniques of falsifying documents and perpetrating document fraud is the act of entering multiple time dated entries at one sitting, rather than at successive times.

If compound A in the ink is transformed to compound B at a known rate once the ink has been deposited on a writing surface and exposed to the air, a simple quantification of the ratio of A to B can be measured using standard non-destructive analytical techniques, including spectrometry.

The elapsed time is then determined from predetermined calibrated time curves.

The significant costs of this type of fraud are borne ultimately by the insurance company, government agencies and consumers, alike.

Combatting such fraudulent activities is difficult, because the signatures or writings are authentic as to the author, and this information in and of itself offers no proof as to when the writings were actually made.

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Aging characteristics of ink are described in a book by R. This act constitutes fraud if the entries were made in fewer sittings than indicated by the dates written on the document.

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