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Name something about which people always want to give you their opinion.

Name something both adults and kids do to get into trouble with their parents.

Name something embarrassing that can happen if you laugh too hard.

Name something embarrassing that parents have video of their kids doing.

Find the first question below and click on it to see all of the answers for that game.

Resume playing and receive perfect scores every time.

Name something a country western singer sings about but a rapper wouldn’t.

Name something a kid might do at the dinner table that would get him in trouble.

Name something in your house that might get broken during a wild party.

Name a musical instrument that sounds terrible when someone’s learning to play it.

Name a place where adults go to relax while kids go to play.

Name a type of “house” kids have that a family couldn’t live in permanently. Name an activity people only do when they have kids.

Name an adult that a child might know by name other than parents or relatives.

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