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It’s even possible for a notice mailed from the court to get lost.

Administrative errors do happen, and a defensive explanation for why you didn’t know about an arrest warrant is unlikely to solve a problem.

Try our Arrest Warrant Search along with our premium membership Free for 5 days.

Simply enter a first and last name and search to see who has an arrest warrant or any other criminal record.

Knowledge of a warrant can help you prepare and reach out to a defense attorney. Many courthouses will provide single inquiry arrest warrant information.

If you’re concerned about a local/state warrant, it is possible to obtain the information needed by picking up the phone.

As required by the DPPA, we will retain a record of your request, including your name and selected permitted purpose(s).

Determining if you or a friend has an outstanding search warrant is relatively simply using our Free Online Warrant Search tool.

Simply enter a name in the search box to the right and begin your preliminary search.

Some courthouses only provide information in writing, and significant delays may result.

However, a personal visit to the courthouse may be unnecessarily nerve-wracking or result in an immediate arrest.

Many people have the same name so it is imperative that you use at least one secondary piece of information to verify someone.

This can be a birth date, residence or previous criminal record.

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