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Another significant concern for the Single Dude Traveler to Buenos Aires is the language issue.

They have plenty of the right raw materials; they’re tall, lean girls of Italian ancestry, they are very nice, so nice that I had a total of zero chicks shoot me down in a week, but while nice and friendly and pretty they just aren’t .

They don’t dress up that much, and while they usually look nice, they hardly ever look hot (no sexy clothes, no heels, no makeup).

If you walk down the main pedestrian drag downtown, Avenida Florida, you will see hundreds of decent looking girls, but hardly ever will you see one that just knocks your socks off.

In Argentina the level of English is surprisingly low. If you want to make it work with an Argentinian girl be prepared to have long conversations about important topics in Spanish before anything happens.

University students or graduates may have taken English in school but they must not have paid much attention because many seem to have extremely low level English. The Argentinians don’t really party; since they can’t afford more than a couple drinks on regular Argentinian salaries they usually sit at tables with their friends nursing a couple drinks and don’t really get wild or loose.

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There isn’t any variety in types of cuisine either.

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