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The coordinating lead authors are responsible for assembling the contributions of the other authors, ensuring that they meet stylistic and formatting requirements, and reporting to the Working Group chairs.

Lead authors are responsible for writing sections of chapters.

The principles that the IPCC operates under The chair is assisted by an elected bureau including vice-chairs, working group co-chairs, and a secretariat.

The IPCC Panel is composed of representatives appointed by governments and organizations.

IPCC reports contain a "Summary for Policymakers", which is subject to line-by-line approval by delegates from all participating governments.

Typically this involves the governments of more than 120 countries.

The IPCC developed from an international scientific body, the Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases set up in 1985 by the International Council of Scientific Unions, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide recommendations based on current research. government was the main force in forming the IPCC as an autonomous intergovernmental body in which scientists took part both as experts on the science and as official representatives of their governments, to produce reports which had the firm backing of all the leading scientists worldwide researching the topic, and which then had to gain consensus agreement from every one of the participating governments.

Sessions of the IPCC Bureau, workshops, expert and lead authors meetings are by invitation only.Lead authors of IPCC reports assess the available information about climate change based on published sources.Each subsequent IPCC report notes areas where the science has improved since the previous report and also notes areas where further research is required.The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change produces and assesses evidence on climate change.They produce many assessments and in each of the assessment reports, it is uncovered which they have found to be the most dominant in contributing to climate change since the last report was conducted.

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