Dating in varanasi

By the end of the Rig Vedic period dating 1500-1000 BC, the term was used for all members of the priestly class. The Brahmins of the later Vedic period dating 900-600 BC were divided into exogamous clans that restricted matrimonial choice and dictated ritual.

Although the Brahmin can follow any profession or means of livelihood, no one except a Brahmin can be a socially accepted priest.

Nesteled in the Himalayan foothills, 7,467 feet above sea level and the capital of Himachal Pradesh, we arrived after a fairly long drive over a short distance travelling through the switched back roads with plunging mountainside cliffs to a city hugging the foothills of the Himalayas.

It is much cooler here and the air is crisp and clean.

The Brahmin has always taken an active part in politics.

During the British period, Brahmins were the first to respond to English education and the first to benefit from political and administrative power.

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